St. Paul's Clacton


CatClub is our small group for 11-18's which is working through the New City Catechism.  We will be uploading materials for you to read through at home every Wednesday while we are unable to meet together.

Click below to see this week's CatClub:

CatClub 27 May 2020

CatClub 20 May 2020

CatClub 13 May 2020

CatClub 6 May 2020

CatClub 29 April 2020

CatClub 22 April 2020

 15 April 2020

CatClub 8 April 2020

CatClub 1 April 2020

CatClub 25 March 2020

Alan has compiled a list of CatClub songs from before lockdown.  These are available here.